My Engagement Ring

It's actually been a couple of months since my boyfriend proposed, but since we were getting the rings specially made, I haven't really looked like I was engaged until two days ago when my ring was finished! It was made by the amazing Ruth Laila Steffensen. Here is her website and also her facebook if want to 'like' or share it. Ruth's not only an awesome jeweler, but also one of my closest friends so we didn't even think twice about asking her to design and make our rings. I was just relieved when she said she was be able to do it!

It's a black sapphire set in oxidised silver. The oxidisation will need to be kept up in order to keep the silver looking black, but that's something I'll be able to maintain myself at home.

I'm so glad we went for a sapphire instead of a non-precious stone like onyx or jet. The sapphire really lets the light through it so it sparkles like a diamond. Another black stone would look more dull and opaque. (Little tip there if yer looking for a black stoned engagement ring). There's also no such things as a black sapphire, really. Sapphire's are always blue, but the very, very dark ones look black and are called 'black sapphires'. With mine, you can only see a bluish tinge under very bright light. Usually it looks jet black and sometimes it even looks deep red depending on the light.

By the way, I have the tiniest, witchiest fingers in existence so this is the first ring I've ever worn that actually fits me properly.

Of course I couldn't put it on my finger myself though - I had to wait for my fiance to do that for me. I handed the ring box to him like it was some covert opperation then we went out for dinner before he took me on a mystery train journey. 

I thought he might be taking me to see our new flat again (the one we'll be living in when we get married). It's pretty naked at the moment though, but I guess we could have sat on the floor... It turned out he was taking me to the huge park very near where we'll be living.

It was raining and muddy, but he still got down on one knee on the damp ground to put the ring on my finger.

Then we did nothing but stare at the damn thing for the whole night and the next day. Actually I'm still staring at it now.

And even though my fiance's a bit more 'normal' in appearance (not in any other way, thankfully) than myself, he still asked for a gothic style wedding band like mine because, well, then people know that we belong to each other! (And he's not some random bloke following me around and harrassing me - hah!)


  1. Congrats for your engagement! The ring is so amazing! I rhink it´s simply amazing and a perfect option for a gothic lady. I think it can be a wonderful choice for my boyfriend and I when we get married.

  2. Thanks, Violette :) I was so pleased with it. Yeah, a sparkly silver or gold ring with a big white diamond just would have felt so weird on me. I'm sure you'd be the same! x

  3. A gothic engagement ring. How lovely! Did you have a gothic-themed wedding too? That’s so sweet of him to know and give just exactly what you want. I wish both of you a long and happy marriage. Cheers!

    Ricky Rowe @ Finding Jewelry Experts