Birthday Things Made By Small People

Thought I'd share some photos from my birthday the other week. I wasn't feeling too well and we were pretty skint at the time so we didn't end up doing anything very exciting, but I stilll managed to have a day in Edinburgh and came back home to my cute little niece and nephew who were over that night. The rest of my family came over too and we had chinese takeaway which is one of those simple treats in life that doesn't cost much time or effort but somehow tastes soo goood.

We found a new coffee place in Edinburgh that I can't for the life of me rememebr the name of. Will definitely be going back though. I'm pretty sure it's on the royal mile...

My nephew in his skeleton pj's. His wee sister has matching ones. Isn't that the cutest damn thing?

Playdoh shapes. I think my niece might be addicted to licking playdoh. She keeps trying to eat what she's made. I'll wait until she's at least a teenager before I start worrying about it too much though.

They made me a playdoh cake too! Silly kids. They got my age wrong! I'm only *cough* 22! *nervous laugh*...

Iced biscuits the wee ones made with Granma. Black icing because they know I like black.

It might look a bit odd, but this was the best photo I could get of the awesome black pancake the kiddies made for me as a birthday treat. I think it'd been poked and prodded a fair number of times before I got round to taking a picture of it though.

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