Red Hair

I had my hair done this week! As much as I liked the black, I felt like I needed a change so I went and got some bright red put in my hair. I didn't want to go full-on Rihanna so I kept it black at the front and the whole underneath layer. I know it'll fade but I should be able to keep it vibrant if I top it up with a tube of red every few weeks. I've had my hair black, white and black with blonde in the past, but I've never had a vibrant unnatural colour before (unless you include white, I guess) so I keep fiddling with it and staring at it: I love how some sections of my hair have gone deep red, some vibrant red, and other peach or almost copper.

Some Recent Make-up Looks

Just thought I'd show off some quick make-up looks I've been using recently. I want to get these photos out of the way really because I look a little bit different now! But I'll show that off in another post.

For some reason I decided to try out orange eyeshadow the other day. It's not something I would normally do with my eye make-up, but I think it was a success!

I used it with a dark purple lipstick to goth it up a bit. 

And here's what happens if you use Mac matte eyeshadow in carbon with "regal" by Boots 17 over the top of it. The two combine to make a sort of bruise colour which looks pretty cool also it's really quick to do.

Our Flat!

Well, I thought I'd share some pictures of our new flat! I can't even tell you how excited I am right now about how things are going. I won't be moving in until our we get married in October, but my fiance's living there already. It's so nice to be able to visit him after work and we save a wee bit of money by chilling out at the flat instead of going out for dinner every night (which is still fun to do sometimes obviously!), money that could be better spent on all the work that still needs done to the flat.

This room is the one that will end up being my studio. I can't believe I'll actually have a whole room to spread out and do my work in.

And here's the view out my window, before the windows were all replaced. It's such a light and airy room. With the way the building is facing, we get light in all the rooms, luckily enough.

Standing in the kitchen, looking onto the living room. The floors in the living room and my studio are in cracking condition so we'll be able to do without carpets in those and just do up the floorboards. Jackpot!

Yeah, one of the previous owners wanted halogen lights so they stuck weird boxy false ceilings in almost all of the rooms. We might get rid of them one day, but it'll be a lot of work so for now we're just plastering over the holes and getting nice single light fittings in all the rooms.

A shot of the kitchen before Tim makes a mess of it

Our bedroom. Floorboards are a bit wrecked so we'll have to get a nice carpet.

Needless to say, I was well chuffed when we took off the chipboard covering the side of the bath and found that it wasn't a standard plastic affair, but a proper old-fashioned green bath. With leggy bits. Sweeeet.

This is when we started to move stuff in: a mixture of gifts and hand-me-downs. I can't believe how generous people have been. We're so grateful.

We hired a van to drag all the stuff over. And to pick up some wardrobes from Ikea, haha. 

More parcels in the living room. How cute is this little rocking chair from my aunty?

Christening the new kettle. Ugh, that sounds weird... I didn't pee in it or anything... Anyway! This is the first lot of teas and coffees made in the flat since it's been ours.

The windows are getting done at the moment and once the walls are painted and the floors are done, we'll be able to unpack all of the furniture and (once I've hung up a few skulls) it'll feel more like a flat. I was only there a couple of days ago and I miss being in the flat already so I think that's a good sign. I dropped off a load of baking so the kitchen cupboards don't look so bare and the plan is to cook dinner there tomorrow. Can't wait :)

New Etsy Shop

For those who don't know, I already have an etsy shop here where I sell black metal style zines, t-shirts and badges. If you like that kind of stuff you can follow me on my other blog (or my tumblr) where I post all my illustration and graphic design work.

The other day, however, I decided to open a second etsy shop since I needed a place to sell all the sweet and cute and not-so-black-metal things I've been making lately. So here it is: The Alison Lisa Horn etsy shop of cute things. Hah!

 And here's one of the things for sale:

It's a hand-stitched black pvc heart brooch, trimmed with pale peach/pink lace. 

It's about 6.5x7cm and you can get it here. I'll be posting some of the other brooches I've got for sale in some more post.