Recent Buys - Abysmal Grief

Yay! I got a bunch of Abysmal Grief releases in the mail today. I love this band! They're so much fun.

Coffin-Shaped Purses With Skull Design

I made another set of coffin purses for my etsy shop. These ones have a hand-painted skull on the front, red lining inside and a black skull-shaped zipper pull. See them here!

Pink Things

Had my hair re-pinked the other day. Went a bit brighter/darker this time.

And, sticking with the pink theme, I got this awesome fabric too. I can't wait to make something out of it. I imagine it'll be purses, but I got a whole metre of it so that will last me for ages. 

Wee Lady Hanging Ornaments

These little lady hanging ornaments are available to buy from my etsy shop here. They come in a choice of three colours and have a little loop for you to hang them up if you want.

I think I'm getting the hang of this granny chic business...