Eating Pancakes & Cream Outside For Lunch

I wouldn't stretch it to say it was sunny here the other day, this is Scotland afterall, but it was certainly warm outside. Ok, maybe 'mild' rather than warm, but you take what you can get! Anyway, sister brought her kids over and we had pancakes with jam and cream in the garden.

My sister making sure the wee ones have their pancakes all sorted.

I don't like jam, but I still managed to have pancakes and butter followed by pancakes and cream. Never say I don't how to enjoy myself.

And here's some pictures of Angus pouring over the fossil collection that used to be mine when I was a wee girl (I was never a very cool child). This box is just replicas rather than the real thing, but he seemed really into it anyway. He's a smart cookie so he wanted to know all the details about what animals and plants the fossils were from.

An ammonite.


Annie contemplating her beans and sausages.

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