Showing Off New Foundation, Primer and Sponge

After trying out Illamasqua foundation for a day, I decided to go back and buy it. It was skin base foundation no. 3 which is the palest of the yellow-based foundation shades. Apparently a lot of girls - especially us poor, pale Scotswomen - assume they are a pinky base when they're actually more yellow in skintone (no Simpsons jokes, please). In the end, I'm really happy with the tone I went for since I feel it matches and compliments my skintone rather than masking it.

Since it was a treat, I decided to go for the matt primer as well to wear under the foundation. This review by Michael James explains it better than I can though.

Oh! And they both make your face smell like cake! And what man could possibly resist that in a woman?!

Having never worn foundation before, I've never had any need for a sponge, but I'd heard so many great things about Cosmopolitan's Blend Perfection Sponge that I went hunting for one on the same day. Low and behold, Superdrug had one left! The last one on the shelf just waiting for me to buy it! Haha.

It looks a bit odd, but this sponge is just the greatest. The idea is that you dab it onto your face in a sort of stippling motion and that way you get a far more even coverage. I've heard nothing but good reviews for it and personally I wouldn't want to use any other type of sponge now. Even though it looks a bit... suspect.

Here's some only slightly goofy pictures (without editing) to demontrate.


  1. You have very beautiful facial features and eyes :)

    1. Aw, thank you miss. You're too kind