Wedding Photographs

Finally! I have a chance to post up some of the photos from our wedding to show you guys. I hope I haven't shared too much, but we had so many photos it was difficult to narrow it down. There's a mixture of different pictures in this post including some of the ones taken by our professional wedding photographer Catriona Munro. Catriona's not only a great friend who made us feel totally at ease being photographed, but she's also incredibly professional and produced beautiful images. I'm so happy with the resulting photos and the way they don't look like 'typical' wedding photos.

The day itself could not have been more perfect. Especially considering I had a huge panic attack at the rehearsal three days beforehand (in retrospect, I think I got all my nerves and panic out the way that day so I didn't have any left by the wedding!). Everything just seemed to go so smoothly, from the ceremony, to the buffet to the (slightly embarrassing) speeches. We wanted it to be a Christian ceremony since our faith is something very important to us. We chose hymns and religious vows and, even so, I was still surprised at how lovely, personal and Jesus-centred the day was. The band playing for us was the band from my old church back home and two of my good friends gave prayers and read scripture. It was really lovely. I suppose everyone thinks that their wedding was the nicest since it's theirs, but it really was just perfect for us. Not too big and not too fancy and very, very child-friendly!

The bridesmaids' wrist bouquets, from The Flower Grove, Kirkintilloch. They did such an awesome job
Ruth, my bridesmaid, checking out my nails in the amazing gothic room we were given to get ready in [photo by Catriona Munro Photography]
Doing my hair [photo by Catriona Munro Photography]
Susie can't believe her wee sister's getting married [photo by Catriona Munro Photography]
Ruth even cried a little when she saw me in my dress [photo by Catriona Munro Photography]
Some adjustments [photo by Catriona Munro Photography]
Fixing my jewellery at the last minute
And here's Culcreuch Castle, the beautiful gothic venue for our wedding... Well, the ceremony and meal were in another building but this is where we got ready and spent a lot of the day...
... It's also where the bar was. My pals ain't as teetotal as ma good self, it seems [photo by Catriona Munro Photography]
That's us! Spot the ghostly flower girl head in the window. Spooooky
My dad leading me out the building
Off to get married
As you can see, I'm papping it at this point. I was so worried my nerves would get the better of me
Annie, the only flower girl from my side of the family needs a bit of coaxing. I know the feeling, wee one
My wee nephew Angus. He's figured out the purpose of a sporran: it's for keeping dinosaurs in, duh
The marriage ceremony
Exchanging of the rings
And now we're Mr. and Mrs.
Having a seat during the sermon
Lenzie Christian Fellowship Praise Band played all our music. They were awesome 
Walking back down the aisle
Tim swears he's not having a pre-wedding night peek here. I'm not so sure
 Cheery couple
I think Tim was threatening to pick me up and run off with me at this point 
My Uncle poked out the window to take some nice birds-eye photos
[photo by Catriona Munro Photography]
Back of my heid
Of course most of the photos had my sister photobombing us in some way
My lovely bridesmaids
Chilling inside the castle for a bit
Cutting the cake. The beautiful cake was made by Tim's mum
My bouquet artfully placed next to some of the table decorations. I'm not even going to pretend it didn't take me weeks to paint those jars and melt all the candles  
Triple evil [photo by Catriona Munro Photography]
Some shoe swapping going on in this place...
My pal Jenny who got hitched a week after us (we totally stole here thunder because we're terrible people!) [photo by Catriona Munro Photography]
Group hug [photo by Catriona Munro Photography]
And here's the info for all you wedding watchers:

♥ Rings by Ruth Laila
♥ Photography by Catriona Munro
♥ Flowers by The Flower Grove
 Dress - Angelique Lamont
 Veil by Elaine Sims
♥ Bridesmaids' dresses - BHS
 Necklace - Restyle
♥ Earrings - Crimson Rich Desire