Luisma T-shirt & Freshly Purple Hair

Finally got round to altering this t-shirt from Galeria de Muerte. I got it for designing another shirt for them. This one was designed by Luisma from the band Hemorrhage and it's awesome! I love the tombstones, skulls and grim-reaper.

I also re-purpled my hair the other day so I stuck some photos of that in too.

Pink Eyeshadow

Just some simple pink eyeshadow. Pink and red are definitely my favourite eyeshadow colours to wear.

Ice-cream In The Park

Yay! Scottish summer's back! Well, for a few days anyway. It was so nice today that, after church, we decided to get a takeaway lunch from the cafe nearby and go to the park to eat it. So lovely! We even managed to find and ice-cream van.