First Summer Sunday

Sunday's are the best because it's the one day me and my husband and I have off work together so we can spend time with each other. 

Yesterday, after church, we had lunch in Siempre Bicycle Cafe again. The food is soo tasty and there's more than a couple of things on the menu I can eat which is unusual with my fussy taste. (I had a sandwich with smoked tofu, pickled daikon and carrot. Yum). 

After that, we toddled to The Kelvingrove Museum and punted the children out the way so we could see some of the exhibits before walking home again. I didn't spend money on a single train ticket yesterday (other than a tube ticket to get us to the cafe). I have no idea how my wee stubby legs aren't falling off these days with the ridiculous amount of walking we're doing.  

I also wore my posh specs yesterday and Tim declared it official Hawaiian shirt wearing weather since the sun's started to come out now.