Chocolate Pie Pops

I had a go at copying the recipe for pie pops from the amazing Call Me Cupcake! blog. The pastry recipe was definitely a winner: I've tried it since with bought pastry and it just doesn't compare to the first time I did it, following the recipe. I even bought a cookie cutter especially just to make them, although I think I filled them too much as you can see from the chocolate oozing out. They were great fun to do though and don't take too much preparation as long as you have enough time to leave the pastry before making the pies up. What do you think?

Pies on a stick. What could be better?

Pink & Copper Look

1. Apply a pink primer. I used Barry M Super Soft Eye Crayon no.9  2. Blend the edges out with your finger ♥ 3. Use a shimmery purple eyeshadow over the main lid area  4. Use a metallic copper eyeshadow around the outside of the purple and under the eye too  5. Blend the copper and purple together with a soft brush and blend the copper out around the edges ♥ 6. Add eyeliner and mascara however you want to 

Gold Jewellery & The New Paperchase Shop

People always say blue eyeshadow is a risky thing to wear, but I'm not exactly a fan of playing safe when it comes to "the rules" of style or whatever.

Seriously, who invents these ideas? Don't wear blue eyeshadow; don't wear blue and green clothes together; eyes or lips but not both; legs or cleavage but not both... *pffff* Anyway! Here I am doing the very (for real!) brave thing of wearing gold jewellery instead of silver. I had a gold candelabra earring in (which you can't see, oops), a gold bracelet, the skull ring from this post and a gold cross with red jewels on a red velvety band.

I'm also very excited because a new Paperchase shop has opened in town. It's a massive one with art and craft materials as well and even a Tinderbox coffee shop inside. If you don't explode with the cuteness of the stationary before you get upstairs to the coffee shop, that is. Tim and I tried it out ourselves one particularly hot day after a visit to the GoMA. I had a vanilla milkshake, but I think they'd forgotten to put any vanilla in it so it was technically just... uh... warm, sweet milk, I guess? At least Tim was smart enough to get a chocolate one .


Here's a bunch of low contrast images I whipped up from some photos I've taken the past couple of weeks because everyone seems to be into low contrast these days and I don't see why I shouldn't have some fun with it myself, dammit.

Drawing in the studio with a coffee and a winter spice scented candle. 
It turns out that coffee plus a little drop of rose extract equals turkish delight hot chocolate. Who knew
Crystal corner in the loo. Most of these were given to me by my dad at some point over the years
My sister got me this ring. I love it because it reminds me of the nome king from Return To Oz
My make-up mirror. This is how I know how to put all the slap on my face so it looks ok
Researching sacred geometry for a logo I'm doing for a client right now
The malachite ash tray where we keep our wedding rings and some of my ear studs