Voluspa Chestnut & Vetiver Reed Diffuser

The more I've been getting into the idea making my home feel as cosy and home-like as possible, the more I've found myself getting into things like candles and reed diffusers which I would never have given two hoots about in the past.

We've been hunting for the perfect reed diffuser for a while now and they either seem to be insanely expensive or smell like one of the following: "Fruit" (which I don't like - blegh), "Old Ladies' Houses", "Soap", "Something Foosty", or "Flowers That Make You Sneeze".

Eventually, after a lot of  going round shops, smelling bell-jars and giggling, we found this amazing Chestnut & Vetiver scented diffuser by Voluspa. 

Of course, the idea of spending £40 for a reed diffuser makes me feel itchy just thinking about it, but luckily, it was massively reduced in the sale! Ha! Oh, and it smells amazing. It's a foody, Christmassy scent, but not overpowering. It's still very strong though and kind of foresty too. I only wish they did refills!

Do you guys have any recommendations for good reed diffusers or other home scent products? (Or anywhere in the UK that does Voluspa refills..!? Help..!)

Recent Instagram Pics

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♥ Cleaning my marimo. I freshen his water once a week and give him a gentle squeeze evenly all over to get rid of any dirt particles. 

♥ And here's a recent (and very colourful) drawing of mine that I uploaded to instagram. You can see a proper picture of it here.

♥ Doing some research drawing for a new piece (an underwater one) with an amaretto coffee. Yum.

♥ Another make-up experiment: green on the top lid with pink glitter underneath. I don't think it really worked, but it was fun to do! Also I'm loving this lipstick which is Nyx's matte lipstick in the colour 'butter'. It's not really a genuine 'matte' effect, but it is a lovely greyish taupe colour.