First Anniversary In Edinburgh

Tim took me to Edinburgh for a week for our first wedding anniversary this October and it was just lovely. Sometimes I think the only time I can really relax is when we're there. We stayed at a different hotel this time which was a bit further from the centre of town that we'd thought. That meant we had an hour and a half walk to Edinburgh city centre every day and the same journey home at night, so by the end of each day I was knackered, but it did feel good to get a chance to walk in the fresh air, even if we needed a coffee stop on the way a couple of times.  

On the first day into town we stopped off a Mimi's Bakehouse. The cakes looked amazing although we didn't get a chance to have any.

I did like the cheeky wallpaper though.

Oh, and I have pink hair now. Here I am, posing about in the hotel loo to demonstrate. The colour's a bit better now since I've had a chance to go over it with Special Effects Atomic Pink instead of Fudge in Pretty Flamingo which the hairdresser gave me. At the moment I'm planning on keeping the black. Underneath anyway, I think I'll grow it out to pink at the very, very front. What do you guys think?

And more loo pictures. How could I resist when the toilets in the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art look as cool as this though? Trippy...

We stopped in Cafe W in Waterstones for a bit while my legs recovered from all the walking. It's much bigger than the one in Glasgow. I read about Grayson Perry for a while and Tim pretended to read about modern art.

We usually go the the City Cafe during the day, but this time we went at night and shared antipasti for dinner. I liked it because it was all red and they played some cool music. I looked up the lyrics to a song that was playing that we both liked and it turned out tot be James Blake's Retrograde. Tim also liked the sound of a song which I told him was Genesis by Grimes. I never thought that would be his cup of tea. Cool, eh?

A new place we hadn't been to until this trip was Summerhall which was pretty magical. It's a huge public building with tonnes of different exhibitions and interesting things. Phenotype Genotype (PhG) was a fascinating collection of art, all displayed on scientific benches.

I don't know what's going on here, but it looks like some sort of cake experiment. We stared at this one for ages.

There was lots of other stuff as well which I didn't get any photographs of, including two Louise Bourgeois exhibitions, an exhibition on witches and a long walk into town on the last day through the park by the water. There was also all the girly gifty shops Tim patiently went into with me and the full breakfast provided by the hotel which I took advantage of on the last day before leaving. Oh, and the weirdest thing of all: having access to a television for a week.