Everything Reduced In My Store And More On Sale In La La Land

To celebrate my little star brooches now on sale in the La La Land website, I've reduced prices on all the brooches in my etsy store. I have gothic pvc hearts, little jam tarts and giant-sized twee vintage fabric hearts too. Check 'em out here.

cute heart brooch valentines pvc gothic gift twee vintage fabric

My etsy store.

Sometimes I wish I could spend all my time making little brooches. It's so relaxing to just sit and sew away. That doesn't seem likely though as it looks like I'm going to be getting a lot of work to do very soon. I don't want to say much until it gets underway properly, but it could be something really awesome. I'll keep you guys posted, but, for now, all I'll say is that it's very different from these little brooches here and involves the other side of what I do. Very exciting!

My felt stat brooches available to buy from the La La Land website.

The Best Pizza In The World

Ok, it's not really the best pizza in the world, but it is our favouite pizza to make at home. My husband or I make the base following Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's "magic bread dough" recipe. You make it up, divide into batches and freeze it so you can have it whenever you fancy. The toppings are just courgettes, green peppers, ricotta and cheddar. If you think that all sounds pretty ordinary, it's only because you haven't tasted it yet, my friend....


Zombie Eye Look, Hair Accidents & Some Music

This is my hollow zombie eyeshadow look, something I've been wearing a lot lately. I like to wear it with a plum lip to make my skin look extra pale.

I also accidently managed to dye my hair turquoise, but I'm kind of liking it so I might keep it. I really don't want to have a different hair colour every month like it's turned out lately. I want to find the one colour I like and then stick with it - at the moment it's come down to a choice between this turquoise or the bright purple I had before. I think the purple's really pretty and feminine but sometimes it feels a bit ordinary. I like the green/blue too because it makes me feel like a sort of gothic mermaid and gets lots of stares (I think that's a good thing, right??) although I feel a bit too old for it.

I should say the reason it's an accident is because I bought Crazy Colour hair dye in Violette instead of Hot Purple. Turns out that Hot Purple is purple and Violette is some greeny-bluey colour... Well... on my hair, at least.

Oh, and I got that necklace for a quid the other day. I think it's meant to be a wallet chain. It's a bit spiky, but I love it.

Here's a wee tutorial on the make-up if you're interested (click to enlarge):

1. After using primer, lining your water line and sealing it with some black eyeshadow, rub a thick black eye crayon over the lid and under the under the eye ♥ 2. Blend in the eye crayon a bit. I use my finger to blend the lid and a brush to blend the crayon underneath the eye. Seal with a matte black eyeshadow then blend out the edges again with a big soft brush ♥ 3. Use a metallic red/maroon eyeshadow around the outside of the black. I used Mac's frost eyeshadow in Cranberry♥ 4. Blend the red into the black with a big soft brush and blend the edges out. Then finish with liquid eyeliner in a small wing and use mascara etc. 

Incidently, here's something I can't stop listening to lately: 80s German electronic band Warning. I only heard of them because the band Pungent Stench, covered their song 'Why Can The Bodies Fly' on their Dirty Rhymes and Psychotronic Beats EP. The original song was part of the soundtrack used in an episode of Tatort, a German TV cop show (I'm not making this up). I was listening to the death metal version of it for years with no clue that the original band was involved in spooky electronic music rather than metal. I have to admit that the vocals are very death metal sounding though, which come over as genuinely creepy sometimes as well as joyfully campy. They use female backing vocals too and the music is altogether better than I expected it to be (I say this as if I know anything about music). Expecting just a novelty band wearing costumes (it's both of those things as well), I was surprised to find legitimately good electronic music, sometimes sounding more like Italian horror soundtrack music (In The Crowd) or even, in one song, John Zorn's Naked City (The Doors (Part 2)). Check out their self-titled album from 1982 and also 'Electric Eyes' (1983).