Nathalie Du Pasquier Cushions

I said I still had to show you my favourite Christmas present and this is it! Anyone has has seen my home decor board on pinterest knows that I've lusting over Wrong for HAY cushions designed by Nathalie Du Pasquier, one of the original 1980s memphis group designers, for quite some time. 

I could never really justify spending that much money on a single cushion (what if I spill food on it? What if my hair dye rubs off on them?!), however, to my surprise, my sister had had a brilliant idea. She bought all four Nathalie Du Pasquier tote bags from a lovely Glasgow based shop called TOJO Design and she and my mum set about making them all into cushions. How cool is that? 

I think they go very well with my dad's galaxy painting above the sofa and my own handmade spikey lamp.