Day At Campsie Glen

The other week, we went out to Campsie Glen. It's a nice little area just before the path up to the Campsie Hills. My sister used to work there as a waitress and a silversmith (not at the same time) so I've always had a fondness for the place from the days when I'd go along in the car to pick her up from work on Saturdays.

The little tearoom is still there although apparently it's changed hands twice since I was last there. I was kind of sad to see all the trinkets in the shop gone (there's no shop now, just the cafe), but the homemade baking make up for it.

Also there was a little witchy shop next door with a tiny heart-shaped venetian mirror that I can't quite remember why I didn't buy considering I've wanted one for ages! I saw this image of a bathroom in the Hotel du Petit Moulin in Paris and now I can't help desperately wanting a bathroom with glossy red tiles and heart-shaped venetian mirror.

Something new that's popped up, however, is a vintage shop called The Owl The Pussycat. I didn't get any photos of the interior, but you can see lots on their facebook page. I'm normally not that into vintage places since they can be a bit *ahem* trendy, but The Owl And The Pussycat was genuinely cool and they had a lot of really well made up-cycled (I hate that word) things like re-upholstered chairs, stools with comic book decoupage and an adorable paper lamp decorated in cupcake cases which needs to be seen to be believed!


  1. Oh, gods! That pretty Parisian bathroom is totally to die for! I've never considered red walls for that room but it's totally worthy.
    I think that some ornated golden frames could be added to the wall deco for an extra decadent touch, don't you think so? Oh! And what about a golden bathtub as well? I am salivating.

    By the way, you look gorgeous in the picture and very elegant :-)

  2. Aw thanks, Violette! :) Haha, yeah doesn't it look so dark and lovely? I never would have thought of that kind of thing for a bathroom either but I seem to have fallen in love with the idea for some reason. Heart's are something I never thought I would have gone for either, but I seem to be really into them at the moment too!