Making A Heart-Shaped Cupcake Box

Once I'd finished making the cupcakes for Valentines Day that I showed you, I realised I kinda sorta didn't have anything to put them in other than a baking tin or something... which ruins the suprise a bit, don't you think. Anyway, I measured the size of box I'd need to fit three cupcakes to in comfortabley and set about making a template for one.

This is what the box looked like when it was finally glued together

A couple of bits kept coming unstuck but I had an idea how to fix that with some fancy, lacy crap. Yay!

And the insides are red, of course

Gluing on some lace trimming

Looks like the cupcakes fit! Afterwards, I ripped up some bits of parchment paper and stuffed it in all the little spaces around the cakes to keep them safe during transport.

A tiny-winy valentines card in an little red plastic bag...

Which sticks right inside the lid of the box. Neat

And here's the final finished product all tied up securely with a gold bow, ready to be stuffed in a Forbidden Planet bag and dragged around town for a day.

London Fog Cupcakes for Valentines Day

I decided to make some sweet heart-shaped cupcakes for my boyfriend this Valentines Day. Now anyone who knows us knows that we’re a bit obsessed with London Fog Tea right now so I decided to make Earl Grey Tea flavour cupcakes with vanilla buttercream to recreate that Earl Grey / vanilla taste in cupcake form. Hah! 

I used heart-shaped rubber baking molds (which happen to make gigantic cupcakes as I found out) and the chunky chocolate hearts on top of the icing were made by pouring pink candy melts into a heart shaped chocolate mold and letting them set (using a little vegetable oil to make the candy melt mixture thin enough to pour).

A Hot Chocolate Gift Idea

For my uncle’s birthday this year, I bought some cinnamon hot chocolate and I was trying to think of a way to make it more of a ‘present’ so I decided to make up a little packet of marshmallows to go with the hot chocolate

In the kitchen I found some mini marshmallows that I normally use for baking and a cake pop bag (you can use any small plastic bag)

 I folded a small label out of card and drew the design I wanted

Then I stapled the label to the little bag of marshmallows

And there you go! A little kit of hot chocolate and marshmallows ready to be wrapped up in a paper bag or some fancy patterned wrapping paper.

Happy Birthday

I made this birthday card for my fella. That's not us in the drawing, by the way. We look way cooler.

First Attempt At Making Cake Pops

I got a pretty great set of presents from my boyfriend and his family this Christmas: my very own little cake pop maker! Plus the recipe book plus cake pop sticks plus a stand for them plus plastic cakepop bags plus the chocolate drops to melt onto the cake pops... How awesome is that?

My boyfriend's already admitted he has an ulterior motive to buying me all this cake making gear (ie. the cakes that result from it), but I'm certainly not complaining! I love all the footery crap involved in decorating cakes. Also, the mini oven thing makes these so quick to make - it's ridiculous!

That's not my hand by the way

Naked cake pops... cheeky!

Cake pop innards. Frightening.

Wrapped up all safe in a little baggy with a cute bow

And then you can fling 'em in a box. It's great

Felt Icecream Brooch

I made an icecream brooch out of felt for my sister this Christmas. She said it was too nice to wear! I'm going to take that as a compliment. Ha! It took quite a few revisions and took a lot longer to make than I thought it would, but I think it was worthwhile in the end. Just don't lick it - it's a bit fuzzy.