Permanent Purple Hair

I've been having problems lately with the colour of my hair fading too quickly. I normally use semi-permanent hair dye such as Crazy Color or Fudge paintboxes since wild, unnatural hair colours are only widely available (as far as I used to be aware anyway) as semi-permanent for some reason. When I was at the hairdressers last time, however, they tried me out with a permanent purple (and a permanent black, as usual) to see how that goes. I'm really excited to see how long it lasts this time compared to the semi-permanent stuff. The ends have faded slightly already because that's where my old green colour is still growing out, but the top of my head still looks great! I plan to keep it topped up now and then with fudge paintboxes to keep it vibrant but at least I have a strong permanent base to begin with.

Here are the photos the hairdresser took. I go to a training salon called UConcept Hairdressing Academy. You can see their facebook page here.

Wearing purple nail varnish to go with my hair

And it was a sunny day too so I got my fishnets out. (Please ignore my husband's feet butting in on the photo)

Here you can see me wearing false eyelashes (which I never do!) and my snake necklace. I also got a new attachment for my labret which I'm pretty pleased with.

... and I found these earrings in Claire's which I love. They're all spiky and thorny and cool. I can only wear one since the hole in my right ear closed up after the wedding, but I think that looks ok.

Bone Brooches For Sale on Etsy

My little felt bone-shaped brooches are now on sale in my online shop! You can have a look at them here. What do you think?

They are approximately 7.5cm in length and each bone brooch is handmade so they might vary in stitching very slightly. The packaging colour is random, but if you have a particular preference for the pink or the purple just let me know!

Chai Tea Cupcakes

I decided to make some chai tea cupcakes. I adapted a recipe for Earl Grey tea cupcakes (you can see the London Fog cupcakes I made using the same recipe here). The truth is that I wanted to use up this pack of Chai Tea teabags. I found that, in a tea, the teabags smell very much like lovely chai tea. However, the taste isn't the same - it seems to be all in the smell. So! The perfect solution: use them in baking! I think it worked pretty well. They sort of tasted like gingerbread, but gingerbread's tasty so it's all good, yeah?

Next time I'm going to try it with loose leaf tea and see how that goes. I already have a tin of amazing Yogi Yogi Chai from Tchai-Ovna, a local tea house here. I might try it with that!

This time I opted to skip the icing and sprinkled glitter straight onto the cakes when they were still hot so it stuck. You can use icing if you want though. Vanilla buttercream icing goes with everything.

Striking Eyes

Today's make-up was inspired by the lovely Lisa Litzium! I've seen this look before, but Lisa pulls it off so well. I'm not sure if it suits me though. I have pale grey eyes so it just makes me look a bit like a fish. It's kind of cool anyway though. Also, the pictures make it look silver, but I actually only used plain ol' black eyeshadow with a little bit of a brow highlight.

Ribcage T-Shirt

I thought I would show off my new t-shirt from Restyle because I love it so much. It's so comfy and I've wanted a ribcage t-shirt for ages so I finally treated myself to one. It's a long shirt too and the design goes all the way to the bottom of it, including the top of the pelvis. Don't you love when people put that much detail into something?

Despite the fact that Restyle is in Poland and I'm in rainy Scotland, it's still cheaper to order clothes and jewellery from there (including postage) than it would be to buy from a lot of places here. I've only ordered jewellery from Restyle twice and both times they arrived broken, but, at their prices, I'm certainly not going to complain! If you've got a pair of pliers, some metal fixings and nail polish handy, it's easy enough to fix most jewellery mishaps in life anyway.

I snapped the one above the other day before church and below is a picture of me wearing the shirt back when I accidentally dyed my hair green! Sorry all my pictures are badly taken mirror pics, by the way. One day I might figure out how to do this a bit more artfully, but until then my excuse is still that I'm an illustrator not a photographer! (Dagnabbit)

Incidentally, my make-up here is purple and black in the crease, a little bit of shimmery mint green in the inner corner and some sparkly black liquid eyeliner over ordinary black eyeliner on the wing. The make-up in the one above is my everyday black and red in the crease.