Pink & Yellow

Why is it that life always seems to fall into patterns of colour. For instance, all my recent photos seem to be pink and yellow. Anyway, here's a wee rundown of recent fun:

Oi look, I've a beetle in my ear! ... It's a beetle earring I got from New Look last halloween. 

Hawkwind's 'Electric Tepee' has been in my CD player a lot recently.

Outfit shots in the mirror. Why do I do this when my clothes are all black and look the same? I don't know...

A new recipe I tried out. Pizza with sweet potato sauce, topped with cavolo nero cabbage, goats cheese, walnuts and parmesan. A really strange combination, but it tasted totally amazing. Check out the recipe I used here.

Tim and me, trying to take a nice photo outside to send to his grandma in Australia. You can't really see it, but he's wearing the black shirt with rainbow skulls I bought him (I love that shirt!)

Small Toxic Green On Pink Skull Purses

I've also been making some more small wallet-sized purses in the same toxic green and barbie pink colour-scheme.

More Skull Print Cosmetic Bags

I've been making more of these large cosmetic bags/pouches recently, in toxic green and barbie pink this time. They're a little cheaper than the black ones because I've used cotton poplin on the outside instead of craft cotton this time. You can grab one here at my etsy shop.