Trip To Northern Ireland

This weekend, we went to visit my fiance's brother in Northern Ireland. We stayed with them in a town called Lisburn which is a really cool place even though all the shops close on a Sunday (and I mean all the shops). It was like something from a zombie film. Anyway, getting the ferry there and back was a bit of a treat for me since I've never been inside a ferry before. I didn't even know they had 'insides', so to speak. On old holidays with my family, we always stayed outside, clinging on for dear life in the wind.

Looking at the waves through a wee window.

So this is what the inside of a ferry can look like. Who'd have thought?

I couldn't help thinking the ferry itself looked like a tranformer. I even swore I saw something that looked just like it being advertised as a Power Rangers toy on telly the other day. Incidently, I'll spare you the photo after this one of Tim pulling his trousers down and mooning me while I struggle to figure out the camera settings on my new phone (now you see why I love this man so much).

"Windswept and interesting"

We found a cafe in Lisburn called The Yellow Door (which doesn't actually have a yellow door unless I totally missed that) that made really nice coffee and the thickest, chocolatiest walnut-covered chocolate brownies ever.

Just some thank you cards I quickly slapped together before the trip to thank folk for birthday money and presents they gave me.

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