Sunday Treat Score

Sunday is the only day you can have a Sunday Treat (that's why they call it a Sunday Treat, duh).

We picked up some matcha pocky and some little pastries with red bean filling from Lim's and even managed to find Turbo Kid on dvd, after searching for it in the cinema listings for ages.

Moontrap (1989)

Buying a video you've never you've heard of before can be a risky thing. Sometimes a film that looks cool in the shop will turn out to be a total disaster. This was definitely not the case with Moontrap which is great a great little '80s scifi film. Just don't make the mistake of only watching it because it's got both Walter Koenig and Bruce Campbell in it (they're both great in it); you really have to be a fan of (slightly naff '80s) scifi to love this one.

My screenshots give a little bit away so if you want to watch it, go and pick up a copy (I got mine in Fopp) and don't look at the rest of this post. The film has funny lines, awesomely creepy robot/cyborgs and some genuinely "scifi" ideas. I can't recommend it enough!