Accidental Pfeffernüsse

The other day, I think I accidentally made pfeffernüsse. Or "those wee spicy, gingerbready German biscuits you get from Lidl" as most folks here know them as.

I was following a recipe for gingerbread cookies, but I ended up rolling the mixture into balls rather than trying to roll out the dough and make shapes with a cutter. I also smelled the mixture and decided it wasn't strong enough (I think this is my German roots revealing themselves) so I added allspice and cloves for more of a kick. In the end, the result was pretty much the same as pfeffernüsse minus the icing! And they tasted really good too.

Dress Up

Last Sunday, had a day out in town then went to visit my parents at night.

I wore this retro dress I got from T. K. Maxx. It's a bit big for me, but I tied a scarf round the collar and threw a cardigan on and I think I got away with it. 

Lunch at our favourite coffee bar. I had a posh-looking broccoli pastie (a poshtie?) and we shared a pistachio brownie and some billionaire shortbread. I can't even describe to you how phenomenally tasting this home baking is. 

Then, at night, when we visited my parents, we had the surprise of seeing my little niece and nephew. I spent a good while before dinner making dress-up dolls with my niece. She's so cute.

Joker Brooch

This little joker pin is a custom order brooch I made for someone. He's got beady eyes (literally) and a smart little black ribbon tie. Do feel free to get in touch if you want a custom order for brooches or, well, anything really! (email: ali horn @ google mail . com)