Lavender Cake Pops

Here's my attempt at making lavender cake pops. I've given up on using the sticks lately so I guess these aren't technically cake pops, I guess. More like cake... "fancies"? Hmm, I'll have to work on this idea some more. Anyway, I used my cake pop machine for this (like a toastie maker but it bakes little round cakes instead!) and the recipe for vanilla cake pops that came with the machine. I just substituted the vanilla extract with lavender extract and added a little red and blue food colouring to make it purple. It turned out a bit more grey instead, but you get the idea.


  1. I tried to make purple frosting one time and it turned grey. :p There is a specialty chocolate shop in my area that uses lavender and other unusual combinations with chocolate. My favorite was their banana curry chocolates. I did like the lavender - so how did these taste?

    1. Banana curry chocolate sounds mental! I like spicy things in chocolate though. Yeah, they actually tasted pretty good! You could definitely taste the lavender.