Valentines Day

Last year for valentines day I made my husband (then just my boyfriend) a heart shaped box full of Earl Grey tea cupcakes. This year, I managed to find a heart-shaped cake tin just in time to make a cake for our first valentines day together as a married couple. It was a chocolate fudge cake and, yes, our initials are indeed 'T' and 'A' which is kind of awesome!

I made some heart bunting too because I had about ten seconds free time and thought it would be cute (I think this is what having pinterest does to you).

It seemed pointless to try to go to a restaurant for dinner since everywhere would most likely be fully booked. Instead, we walked to our usual coffee shop in town which was happily nice and empty. I even decided to dress up a little (I don't need much of an excuse really). I'm wearing the cross pendant my friend Ruth made for us as a wedding present. My husband has a matching one too.

We got a free valentines cake slice thingy with little hearts on it from the cafe. They were handing them out all day to customers. How cute it that?


  1. Hello Beauty! I just came across Your blog and I'm impressed, love Your style <3
    Hugs and kisses! :)

  2. You look beautiful! Happy valentine :)