My Studio

I thought I'd upload some photos of my studio here since that's where I've been spending a lot of time lately.

Anyway, here's where I spend my time scribbling away and making a mess. Having worked in my bedroom in my parents' house all my life, it's been a real blessing to finally get a studio all to myself. I moved into our lovely flat when we got married last October and I've been busy, since then, trying to get the studio sorted out and all my art materials tidied away in places where I can still find them. It's still a bit messy, but that's what studios are meant to be like I guess and I'm trying not to anal about dirt and untidiness since about a quarter of the room is also my husband's general bike and bike-paraphernalia space!

I'm storing the candles from our wedding above my computer desk until I can think of a better place to put them. That's my make-up mirror, by the way.

The nice, big window lets a lot of light in which is great for drawing. My dad made me that white desk on the left. You can lower it and tilt it which is incredibly handy.

Ikea storage is gooood.

First tiny patch of inspirational artwork etc. There's a flyer for the film Antichrist and some prints I got in an art trade with Justin Barlett.

Small skull collection

It's a bit messier on this side, but that's my computer desk on the left and on the right is more art materials and bits and bobs stacked on ikea garden shelves, believe it or not.

Here's the window sill with some heart boxes, a very retro clock (I can't read analogue clocks) and the ring holder I painted with palmistry signs which I still have to post some photos of actually...


  1. Congrats on the job! I like the skulls and candles all huddling together. Your space looks clean and organized yet it has personality - I can't work amidst clutter, although some people thrive in it. I checked out your art and I adore it! Do you ever do custom work?

    1. Thanks a lot! Yeah, I definitely need at least a *little* bit of tidiness so I can work. And yes, I do custom work :) I've had a fair bit of work designing tattoos for people and also posters/prints etc.

    2. Cool - I would love to use you sometime for designing a book cover. I've been working on a poetry collection called "For the Freaks." It's not anywhere near completion but I have a vision in my head, and when I saw your artwork it just fit so well. I'll let you know when the day comes and it's actually ready.

  2. Many congrats!!! I really love were your work has moved towards so the fact that your work will be animated is simply awesome!

    It's refreshing to see studios. I still work on the floor or my bed. But having a studio it's pretty much dreamy!
    I really dig the candle paraphernalia.

    1. Thanks, man!! I appreciate that from a good customer :D haha. Yeah, having a studio makes a world of a difference x