Some Recent Make-up Looks

Just thought I'd show off some quick make-up looks I've been using recently. I want to get these photos out of the way really because I look a little bit different now! But I'll show that off in another post.

For some reason I decided to try out orange eyeshadow the other day. It's not something I would normally do with my eye make-up, but I think it was a success!

I used it with a dark purple lipstick to goth it up a bit. 

And here's what happens if you use Mac matte eyeshadow in carbon with "regal" by Boots 17 over the top of it. The two combine to make a sort of bruise colour which looks pretty cool also it's really quick to do.


  1. Love the bottom makeup look! I love discovering new quick and easy ways of making it look as if I have put more effort into my makeup on those days when I just can't be bothered! xxx

    p.s. you have the loveliest bone structure!

    1. Yeah, it great! You can pretend you're being really bold and trying out a new look when actually you're just seeing if you can get away with only one colour of eyeshadow that day for quickness!

      Aww, hehe. Thanks! :> I've always had a really square jaw. Haha x

  2. The orange eyeshadow looks amazing with your eye colour, and pairing it with purple lipstick is unusual but really pretty! The bruise colour you created is pretty too! I had some pretty nice bruises from skiing when I went to NZ (I'm one of those people who finds bruises fascinating), and I loved the deep purple and brown colours that appeared! I may check out that Regal eyeshadow next time I'm in Boots ♥

    1. Haha, don't worry, I know what you mean - bruises are weirdly fascinating. If only they stayed purpley blue instead of the horrible yellow colour they inevitably go you could almost wear them with pride!

      And they're never for glamourous reasons, are they? People never get bruises from defending innocent ladies from muggers or from climbing up buildings to save children. It's always something really crap like "I fell down the steps outside when I was looking for my keys" or "I fainted on the toilet and knocked my head on the sink on the way to the floor".

      (disclaimer: only one of those things has actually happened to me)