Red Hair

I had my hair done this week! As much as I liked the black, I felt like I needed a change so I went and got some bright red put in my hair. I didn't want to go full-on Rihanna so I kept it black at the front and the whole underneath layer. I know it'll fade but I should be able to keep it vibrant if I top it up with a tube of red every few weeks. I've had my hair black, white and black with blonde in the past, but I've never had a vibrant unnatural colour before (unless you include white, I guess) so I keep fiddling with it and staring at it: I love how some sections of my hair have gone deep red, some vibrant red, and other peach or almost copper.


  1. What a great new look! I do love red fantasy hair, specially mixed with black. I think you got the perfect touch, amazing.

    1. Thanks, miss! Yeah I'm so glad I kept some black. Just makes it that wee bit more "goth" haha x