May 2014 Edinburgh Holiday

It's my birthday today so this week we decided to take a trip away to Edinburgh (we never go far on holiday!). Disappointingly there was naff-all on when it came to art exhibitions and we had just missed the Royal Scottish Academy's annual exhibition by a few days. We did manage, however, to see a cool film by Camille Henrot at the City Observatory on Calton Hill which was really worthwhile. As usual there's always new things to discover and we did a lot of wandering about to find new places.

The obligatory hotel bathroom picture. I swear I'm looking more like that painting I did of myself, everyday.

Camille Henrot's art film 'Gross Fatigue'.

Miss Katie Cupcake's shop on Cockburn Street. It had some really beautiful stuff. A little bit different from the ordinary which was nice too.

Our favourite discovery this time was definitely The Coffee Mill near Grassmarket (and next to an amazing second hand bookshopwith tonnes of science fiction). The place was so good that, after having coffee and cake there, we went back the next day for brunch.

Cake at The Coffee Mill. The picture doesn't really do the place justice. The food is all made up fresh and the staff were so nice and friendly. We'll definitely be doing back there next time we're through in edinburgh.

I didn't get much time to draw, but I can't go a whole week without the odd daft sketch in my notepad.

And we treated ourselves to ice cream from Patisserie Valerie on the last night. I had pistachio ice cream in a waffle cone and Tim had the same with a scoop of double chocolate on top. It's the best ice cream I've ever had. So now I've had pistachio hot chocolate and pistachio ice cream. I think it's time I tried some actual wee pistachios (I've never had them. It's shameful, I know)!


  1. Happy Birthday! So, you've had both cake AND ice-cream - oh my! :-D
    By the way, I love your drawings; dark, yet fun.

    1. Haha, yeah it was a pretty indulgent week! That can be good for you sometimes though :P Aw, thanks! that's exactly what I'm going for x

  2. Happy birthday Ali!! Perfect now I got some more tips for my Edinburgh trip, hopefully this autumn :)

    1. Thanks miss! Yeah, you need to check out The Coffee Mill when you're there :) Such a nice little place x