Louche Vona Dress

I had a little trying-on session the other day at the Barnardos charity shop down the road and ended up buying this dress for five pounds. The label said it was by 'Louche' and I already thought it was a bargain before I got home and looked it up to see that the price for it online was £79! (Or £30, second hand from ebay) Not bad! It even fits really well too which is something I find difficult with tailored dresses.

I wore it to a joint birthday dinner for my Dad and nephew with some little heels (not something I wear very often). I got my Dad a book on Blackadder and my nephew a big book on stones and fossils. Charity shops rule, man. Seriously.


  1. The dress reminds me of Nana from Elfen Lied.

    (Sorry my poor english)

    1. Haha, I just googled that. Yeah, I guess you're right

  2. love that dress, I am jealous that you can maintain such a pretty haircolour so well. My red hair faded so fast I had to redye it too often. / Claire xxx