Pvc Collars

Although I'm loving the collars necklaces that in the shops these days, I haven't managed to find exactly what I want in a collar. That's why I decided to make some myself!

It took a few attempts to get the right thickness and size, but, in the end, I think I worked out a way of making them that works well so I'm making up some more. I might sell them online if people are interested, although right now I'm making them with the view to selling a bunch of things at upcoming craft fairs. These black and pink ones are made of pvc, hand-sewn with a chain and metal fastenings.

You can see me wearing my own little black one here.


  1. You are so creative! I think they're really cute, there are so many different ways that your could customise them, adding lace or studs for instance! I think they'll sell really well!

    1. Thanks Sandy! :) Yeah, I've got some lace and beads. And I thought about sewing on little shapes like pvc hearts or doing personalised ones - you could go nuts with it x