Glittery Jeans & New Polyvore Account

Although I have been in severe need of some more pairs of trousers for a while now, I've always had a lot of problems with finding ones that fit and feel comfortable so I've been putting off the search as long as I could.

I'm a funny shape at the best of times: I have long, skinny feet, wee short legs, a super long body and neck and extraordinarily wide hips for the rest of my size. It's these short legs and wide hips that make it almost impossible to get nice trousers so you can imagine how happy I was to find two new pairs in h&m the other day. They're a bit loose at the waist so I'll maybe need that fixed, but, for now, it gives me an excuse to wear all these nice belts I have floating about.

I got one pair of black jeans covered with flecks of purple glitter (shown below) and another black pair with silver studs down the outside seams. Cool. And now I now what size I am in h&m jeans it means I know what to look for in the future.


As you can see, I had a go at making the outfit into a polyvore set (well... why not!). The clothes are just an approximation, but I managed to find the exact nail varnishes and lipstick I was wearing. My old polyvore account was getting kind of stagnant and full so I made a new one. This time I'm going to at least try to fill it with outfits I might actually wear!

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