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So it seems that, as of Monday, google reader will no longer be available. If you want to keep following this blog and are a google reader user, I would suggest following via Bloglovin. Recently, I've been using Bloglovin as a way of keeping up with the blogs that I follow and I've found it very reliable so far.

Anyway, here's a direct link to the page for following this blog. For some reason, it's registered as rather than any other country's extension, but I'm half German anyway so I think it's well cool. Yay!

And now, a pastel-coloured photo montage for no reason other than to make this post a bit prettier:

Reds: ♥ felt mermaid doll I'm working on at the moment ♥ Tried making some velvet cake with cream cheese icing ♥ Yellows: ♥ Spicy hot chocolate on a stick ♥ Black and white washi tape I ordered from ♥ Blues: ♥ Fancy nails with silver rings ♥ Galaxy style cake bites ♥ Pinks: ♥ Lavender flavoured cupcakes I made for my mum's birthday ♥ Awesome sheep skull my cousin gave to me

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