Wedding Colours, Flowers & Red Velvet Cupcakes

Choosing a colour scheme for our wedding has been something I've really enjoyed recently. I can't say it's been too difficult though. The choice was an obvious and instinctive one so it's not as though I've had to spend hours deciding between different options. At least I haven't had to worry about the whole Should we go for lemon bridesmaids' dresses with orange and silver accents or fresh greens and whites??! thing, not being into those happy colours!

It's not that I'm not fussy about colours though. Heavy contrasting black and white makes me feel uncomfortable and reminds me too much of Tim Burton films. Pillar box red has always been a big no-no for me as well: way too cheerful. I'm the same way with home decor as well, I guess.

Anyway, here are the results of messing about with colour palettes in colourlovers. I found it pretty helpful.

Right from the start, muted reds and purples stuck out to me as a classy colourscheme and a great way to be colourful without being light and bright. That way you can have black, bruise and aubergine with deep wines and plums and rich, dark reds.

When we went to the florist the other day, I mentioned this to her. She was fantastic and knew exactly what I meant. I brought along samples of my groom's tartan and and pictures of the bridesmaids' dresses (cream with black lace!) and she set about making samples up.

She said she would give me a list of all the flowers she used because I can't remember them all and I thought it would be useful in case someone asks. There's definitely one type of calla lily in there, tea leaves (she sprays the leaves and it makes them look like shiny, black pvc! It's awesome) and freedom roses. There'll be black baccara roses as well, but they're not in the picture.

Since I'll be in a black dress, you'd be forgiven for thinking we'd be having a black, red or purple cake. It's being made my future mother-in-law who's a great cake-maker and it's actually going to white (something has to be, don't you think?!) and heart-shaped... Also it's not fruit cake because fruit cake is yucky. It's three tiers so we're going for lovely rich chocolate on the bottom, vanilla sponge on top and red velvet in the middle. Now I know that red velvet is a bit of a gimmick and also hopelessly trendy at the moment (it could be worse: it could be ombre...), but you have to admit there's something pretty awesome about a bright red cake that tastes like a lighter, fluffier chocolate cake. You know there is.

Anyway, before we decided on it, I had a go making some red velvet cupcakes myself to see if everyone else liked the taste. I loved adding all the colouring because it looked like bloooooooood.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this needlessly long and detailed post about my approaching wedding (three weeks left? When did that happen?! Arggh!). I really hope it's not just me that finds this nonsense interesting! I love reading about other people's weddings though, don't you?

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