Facebook Page New Brooches Up On Etsy

First of all, I made a Facebook page for my little brooches and accessories. You can look at it, like it or share it here! I've had a facebook page for the work I do under the title Xenocblood Art for a while now which you can see here and I've found it to be a really great way to promote my own work and discover other people's work as well.

Other than that, I put three new heart brooches up on sale in my etsy shop today: a small pink pvc one and two larger vintage style ones. Follow the links for more info.

This little brooch is 7cm x 7cm.

This one is 10.5cm wide x 9.5cm high, has a pink lace trim, pink bow and shows two children eating some pudding with a red cherry on top.

Made of lovely blue Kath Kidson fabric with a white lace trim. It has a red flower detail with pearl beads. 


  1. Your little hearts are so cute and such a joy to look at, I'm just imagining wearing a whole cluster of them on a cardigan.. that would be awesome! You should definitely try to turn one of your Xenoblood pieces into a little heart brooch! ~♥~

    1. Aww, thanks, Sandy. I think that would be like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters though! x