Our Gothic & Ghoulish Wedding Invitations

If you're getting married and one of you is a graphic designer, the task of making the wedding invitations tends to fall on you. That's ok with me though! I was full of ideas immediately. From the start, I wanted to make something personal to us that highlighted our complimentary differences in a nice way. People are always commenting on the differences in our appearance so I thought I'd use our two hands together: his big, swarthy Australian hand and my pale, little goth hand.

The reason they're severed and in a box is because, well, I thought it was kind of funny and cute... in a strange way. It's like a pop up surprise: the outside of the card is like the outside of the box then you open it up and get a fright and maybe a giggle.

Here are the invitations:

Along with the invitation card and the rsvp card, I also slipped in a postcard-sized print of a little caricature I drew of Tim and me. I purposely drew the dress and jewellery differently from what I'll be wearing on the day because I want Tim to get a surprise. And, yes, he is is that much taller than me!


  1. Wow, you've done so much work on these creepishly pretty invites and that makes it so much more personal and meaningful, I love them! Loving the spider web necklace on your little caricature! I'm just imagining that necklace as a sheer fabric covering the whole chest and joining the sweetheart bust line of the dress.. now that would be a gorgeous! Someone should definitely make a dress like that! I'm looking forward to seeing the wedding pictures!!! ~♥~

  2. If I get married it will be a gothic wedding for sure, so I would love to send invitations like yours, really nice work!

    btw, I used to follow you from my vivian de violet account (Violets in bloom blog), but I changed my main account to this one now :)

  3. The invitation cards are so cute! :)

  4. They're beautiful! I'm so jealous!
    ♥ K

  5. I do think they are the cutest, and that little design of you and your husband it's so cute ^^
    People always have so say something when they're minds are so closed they can't handle other's people happiness.
    I wish you the best on your union, hope to see more of it :P ( I just love weddings <.< )

  6. They're so quirky and cute! Beautiful!
    I think some members of my family would die if I had ones like yours (They still can't get over me being a "dark little creature")

    Unfortunately I don't have pale, little hands! Life is so unfair! ;)