Pink, Blue & Red

Now for some recent instagram photos, handily grouped according to colour! Search for @ariioth if you want to follow me.

Pink Hearts

1. Finally found shoes for my wedding. Sparkly black peeptoes with bows. £9 in the New Look sale. 2. I made a heart brooch for my aunt. 3 & 4. I sent of one of my brooches off to the gorgeous Aoife. It's a heart shaped lollipop brooch and comes in a coffin shaped box. You can get it here

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Homecoming Blue

1. Our first sit-down meal at a table in the flat. Homemade soup and sandwiches. 2. My sister and brother-in-law got us this absolutely amazing heart-shaped venetian mirror as an engagement present. 3. The cat necklace I made for my sister's birthday. I'm making a load more now to sell. 4. I'm reading Stephen Donaldson's Gap Cycle for the second time. It's one of my favourite series of books. The only problem is my fiance's starting reading them too so he's bugging me to finish book 3 so he can read it! (I'm a ridiculously slow reader...)

Vanity Red

1. Still enjoying the novelty of having red hair. It faded to a carroty ginger really quickly, but I'm still liking it. 2. Haven't been using much colour in my eyeshadow since having my hair done. Might stick to black and white and monochromatics for a while. 3. I rediscovered this green top from River Ireland which now seems to be a dress. It makes me look like a piece of military netting, but that's ok. 4. Curls!


  1. What a lovely mirror, it is just perfect as a engagement present, indeed. The shoes are also gorgeous (and it is so great not to pay a little fortune for a pair of "regular" bride shoes). I am very curious, are you going to wear all black in your wedding? :)

    1. Yeah! I've wanted a mirror like that since I saw that parisian bathroom picture we talked about before, you remember?

      Haha, yup! I'll be in a black dress for the wedding. Initially I thought I might want to be in white, but, after looking at so many wedding photos and wedding blogs, all the white dresses just blurred together and ended up looking the same to me :P Black is more me.

  2. When I was 16 I has red streaks put through the layers in my hair for my birthday, my hair was still black back then so I chose to get it done professionally as I didn't trust myself to bleach my own hair! It cost about £60 and I was so happy with the end results.. it looks gorgeous! Then a week or so later it faded to a coppery orange and I wasn't happy! I went back to the hairdressers and they did it again for free but a week later it faded again so I ended up dying it all black again. Now I have some lovely long red clip-in extensions for when I want to add some red to my hair! Far easier!

    I hope you post plenty of pictures of your wedding - I can't wait to see what you have chosen for your dress! The little glitter peep-toes are cute! I hope you include lots of red and black hearts in your wedding day! ~♥~

  3. I got my brooch today Ali! I love it! I also love those Black glitter shoes you got for your wedding, I am sure whatever dress you choose you will look gorgeous! As you are so crafty, will you be making any of the invitations or wedding favours or anything? ♥