Charcoal Grey Pancakes

My nephew Angus requested black pancakes for lunch the other day. Black pancakes? How could I refuse! I couldn't get an explanation out of him for this very gothic request, but he seemed happy as anything with the result anyway.

Angus mixing the black food colouring into the pancake batter. 

I didn't want to put too much into the mixture in case it started to affect the taste so the mixture ended up more grey than black, but we agreed it was still pretty cool looking.

Time for a quick bit of dragon-flying while an adult the pancakes. 

Annie, not quite grasping the idea of dipping pancakes into syrup, manages to eat a bit of pancake while dipping her finger into the syrup.

She also requested some purple nail varnish so I painted her tiny fingers and toes a lovely shade of purple!


  1. Black pancakes! What an awesome idea! Although you could have gotten the black effect by burning them but I'm sure they wouldn't have gone down well with the kiddies! I once made multicoloured pancakes with my friends when I was a teen, we mixed a bunch of different food colourings together and made a purple pancake.. then smothered them in peanut butter.. yummmm! Mmmm I really fancy pancakes now! ~♥~

    1. Oh no! You had to go and give me the idea of pancakes and peanut butter, didn't you? Haha. That sounds too good x