Orange & Purple Make-up, Hair Buns & Creepers

We went to see 'Don't Look Now' at the film theatre the other night. If you're not familiar with it, it's a seventies film starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie about a couple who lose their daughter in an accident, move to Venice and end up chasing the spectre of their lost daughter around the city. It's better not to know any more about the plot before watching it so I'll not say any more.

The night we went to see it was the first time I've worn buns in my hair since I had it dyed different colours recently. I had it all black the other times, but this time, because of the way my hair happened to twist, I ended up with one black bun and one reddy/copper bun which I thought was kind of a neat effect.

I should say I got the method for the buns from this very helpful tutorial here by the lovely murderotic.

For my make-up that night, I went for an orange and purple look to compliment my hair. I seem to be addicted to orange eye-shadow lately. I have no idea why since it's usually my least favourite colour.

The steps:

♥ Natural Collection eyeshadow in 'sea shell' in the inner corner and as a brow highlight.
♥ A shimmery orange on the middle of the lid, nearer the inside. Then swipe Boots no.7 'Elecric purple' eyeshadow around the outside in a 'c'-shape, making sure you pull it across the crease and a little under your eye as well.    
♥ Blend the orange and the purple with a big soft brush.
♥ A little Mac matte eyeshadow in 'carbon' to add more definition to the crease and finish with a bit of black liquid eyeliner under the eye and on the top of the eye in a 'winged' shape. 

Sadly the colours didn't show up in this light, but you can still see the general shape (and a bonus blotchy eye)

I managed to get the colour to show up in the sunlight here though (even if I did have to take the photo on the train into town... err...)

Tim and me having coffee before going to the film theatre. I still can't believe he's going to be my husband in two months.

The only slightly odd thing about the evening was when a stranger took a photo of me on the train home. I was sitting by myself looking out the window when I see in the reflection, clear as day, a man on the other side of the aisle take his phone of of his bag, take a photo of me on it then sneak it back into his bag. He looked absolutely mortified when I started laughing out of shock and turned round to look at him. Guess he didn't figure that I'd see the whole thing in the reflection! Haha.

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because I don't think it was a 'being creepy' thing. I had heavyish make-up on and had my hair done up in buns that looked like daft panda ears so I think it was more of a 'taking a photo of a freak on the train' thing which is slightly better I guess. Still, maybe he'll think twice about sneaking photos of people in the future. At least, when they're facing a reflective surface!

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