Marimo Moss Ball

My husband's Christmas present to me arrived in the post today. It's a marimo... It's an underwater plant that looks like an animal, basically. You change it's water every two weeks and give it a bath if its fur gets dirty. Pretty much the perfect level of "pet" for me to have.

It's colloquially referred to as a marimo moss ball, but it's actually an algae rather than moss. It's also flippin' cute, as plants go. And, although I put it in front of the window to photograph it, they're used to living in the dim light at the bottom of lakes so I'll be keeping it away from direct sunlight.

We got mine from Jadsimo and it arrived very quickly and safely. What do you guys think about marimos? Are they the perfect low-maintenance pet?


  1. That's a perfect gift idea for my boyfriend! Thanks for the tip. So cute ♥

    1. Yeah, it's totally low-maintenance!

  2. Oh my! I've never heard of this before, but it looks so adorable!!!