Pink Pressies

I always like to see what "little mindings" people got for Christmas so I thought I'd share mine here, including some bigger presents that came as a bit of a surprise.  

I couldn't believe the generosity of the girls in my department at work this year. Just look at the pile of pinky goodness they got me. The funniest has to be the bat notepad with pink edging that my department supervisor got me ("It was so you!")

The present I definitely was not expecting to get was my dad's old camera. He said he really wanted me to have it though. It's a bit more advanced than what I'm using right now, but luckily it comes with an instruction booklet which I'll need to pour over when I've got more time.

Here's a pile of cute stationary from my mum and dad and my sister and also a dress from the "goth section" of h&m that my sister got me. She knows me so well.

My dad also got me a neat little pink screw-driver which will come in incredibly handy and means that I won't have to keep borrowing Tim's all the time. Yay! And it's pink, of course.

"It was this or a skeleton toilet-roll holder." My sister again, being very sweet and looking all over for something will skulls on it for her weird little sister. 

I'd love to know what you guys got for Christmas, particularly if your pressies all had some strange accidental theme like all the pink things I got this year (although that's probably not so accidental since it's pretty obvious I like pink!).


  1. Love the notepad and toilet paper holder!!!!

    1. Haha, thanks! It's actually a candle holder. Toilet roll holder was her second choice. I didn't make it very clear in the post though!

  2. You got lovely Christmas presents! What a nice idea to change gifts at work as well :-)
    I bought my notebook at Ikea if you want to know where to find it ;-)
    I got money, a pair of too small gloves and a magazine. Not much but maybe it's because I have children. The only one who understand what I like is my sister in law who makes jewelleries in my taste for my birthday :-)

    1. Aw, it's nice when someone knows your taste well. Although, money is always a good gift too - I have to agree! haha x