Recent Instagram Pictures

I thought I'd share some snapshots of  life than I've taken lately. I also included some snippets of recent drawings I've been doing too so if you're into that sort of thing, you can keep up with what I do on my art blog or my tumblr if you like. Also I'm on instagram as @alisonlisahorn

1. Having dolmades (very tasty stuffed vine leaves) and a pot of yogi yogi chai outside Tchai-Ovna on a rainy day. 2. On the same day, we stopped by Nardini's for coffee and what turned out to be the biggest chocolate ice-cream cone I think I've ever seen.

3. I've been working on new designs for Too Fast clothing lately. I'll also soon be getting the ribcage high heels I designed for them! They have a heel shaped like a spine and you can them here, along with a pair with my eye logo design on them. Neat. This one's for the back of a hoodie. 4. Been listening to a lot of Poisoned Electrick Head again lately.

5. Having coffees at Fornette's. An awesome cafe here in a slightly run-down shopping centre (which makes it seems like some kind of magical secret). 6. A close-up of one of my illustrations for this recent article on the Something Awful website.

7. Trying out different teas. The liquorice and chai tea bags are winners, although the Camomile & Maple doesn't really taste of anything unfortunately. 8. I came home on Saturday with popcorn and a bunch of movies for a film night. We ended up watching Cronos (and eating all the popcorn).


  1. VERY cool on the shoes! They look badass. I like to grumble about instagram but I secretly love it, ahaha. I don't have a smart phone or whatever people need these days to get that app but I enjoy the different filters and vintage vibes. What I'd give for a chocolate ice cream cone right about now...gahhh.

    1. Aw, thanks! I can't wait to get the shoes in the post too. It'll be so cool. Yeah, I didn't have an ice-cream myself, but I had a lick - it was sooo good. Really super thick and chocolately x