Making An Eyeball Flower Brooch

I picked up some very cheap flower brooches from h&m the other day and decided to give them a bit of the old diy treatment. This is by no means a tutorial, since the method is incredibly self-explanatory, but I think it's nice to document these things anyway to show that you can make things like this instead of paying lots of money for them.

I cut some of the stamens out of the flower first for room, then glued around the edge of the eyeball (which was bought as a set of 12 from ebay) before positioning it onto the flower and holding it while the glue dried.

Not the trickiest thing in the world I've ever made although I might add some red diamontes around the edge to fancy it up a bit. I know it makes me look a bit like a clown, but I love it anyway! And, besides, what's more gothic than a clown? Clown's are terrifying!


  1. Such a simple but neat idea! I would love to see one with a black lace flower and a green eyeball!!