Mini Mini Vegan Chickpea Burgers

This weekend we made chickpea burgers for the first time. We didn't realise you could buy cooked chickpeas and ended up getting a massive bag of uncooked ones so ended up using a pressure cooker to avoid the normal 2 hour cooking time... it all worked out in the end though! And since we now have about four months worth of chickpeas, my boyfriend made up more of the burger mix (with onions and extra garlic this time) and gave me some to take home! 

Here is the result... I attempted to cook it tonight for my dad and me.

I put "burger buns" on the shopping list for him to pick up and he managed to get a bit confused and picked up hot cross buns instead :s He didn't realise hot cross buns were sweet and thought they'd be like regular burger buns...

Anyhoo... I managed to find some mini buns at the back of the freezer and that's why our burgers are about 2 and half inches wide (how cute is that?).

I plopped on some slices of applewood smoked cheese (the only hamburger cheese) and served with lettuce and ketchup. Neato.

In the end we've decided that, even though vegans have the best food, it would be hard to eat vegan all the time since I would miss eggs and milk and fish and my boyfriend would miss... uh... steak.

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