I ordered some Kreepsville 666 hair bobbles from Attitude Clothing the other day. I nearly went for the clips instead of the bobbles, but I thought it would be cute to use the bobbles for pigtails or pontytails.

The bows themselves are shiny pvc. I just realised I own way too much pvc at the moment (is that possible though?). I even found a black pvc make-up bag from h&m a while ago too.

Trying out bunches...

... And here's my fairly new pvc Hell Bunny skirt.

It's difficult to see, but I also tried out crescent nails. I did it using pink varnish over the whole nail, masking off the cuticle area with round stickers and painting over in black.


  1. Oh those eyes are so cute! :D Creepy but cute, the perfect combination :).

    1. Yeah, they're cute aren't they? :) And you're so right!