First Attempt At Making Cake Pops

I got a pretty great set of presents from my boyfriend and his family this Christmas: my very own little cake pop maker! Plus the recipe book plus cake pop sticks plus a stand for them plus plastic cakepop bags plus the chocolate drops to melt onto the cake pops... How awesome is that?

My boyfriend's already admitted he has an ulterior motive to buying me all this cake making gear (ie. the cakes that result from it), but I'm certainly not complaining! I love all the footery crap involved in decorating cakes. Also, the mini oven thing makes these so quick to make - it's ridiculous!

That's not my hand by the way

Naked cake pops... cheeky!

Cake pop innards. Frightening.

Wrapped up all safe in a little baggy with a cute bow

And then you can fling 'em in a box. It's great

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