Moontrap (1989)

Buying a video you've never you've heard of before can be a risky thing. Sometimes a film that looks cool in the shop will turn out to be a total disaster. This was definitely not the case with Moontrap which is great a great little '80s scifi film. Just don't make the mistake of only watching it because it's got both Walter Koenig and Bruce Campbell in it (they're both great in it); you really have to be a fan of (slightly naff '80s) scifi to love this one.

My screenshots give a little bit away so if you want to watch it, go and pick up a copy (I got mine in Fopp) and don't look at the rest of this post. The film has funny lines, awesomely creepy robot/cyborgs and some genuinely "scifi" ideas. I can't recommend it enough!

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