D.I.Y. Gudetama Tote Bag

Ok, I'm a little bit in love with the Sanrio character Gudetama right now. He's a lazy, adorable egg yolk with a butt so how could anyone not love him? Unfortunately, with Sanrio being a Japanese company, the shipping on Gudetama is quite dear and, although I did treat myself to a bundle of collectible gashapons (bottom picture), I couldn't really justify buying a Gudetama bag which is what I really wanted.

Instead I decided to use fabric paint and make a D.I.Y. one for myself as a treat! (It's only for personal use, don't worry). 

The finished Gudetama tote bag. I used Pebeo paints, but you could use Dylon fabric paints too, I'm sure.

Taking my Gudetama bag out for a matcha latte like a proper obnoxious Japan-obsessed Westerner! Yee-haw! *speaks random words of pigeon-Japanese and nibbles a pocky stick*

And how cute are these Gudetama gashapons I got?? Now I have a bag to clip them to as well.