Cute Things From Tofu Cute

I went a bit nuts the other week when my husband and I were off on holiday and ordered a bunch of cute Japanese things from Tofu Cute. Sometimes going nuts pays off though as everything I ordered turned out to be super cute/tasty!

A bag of Japanese cuteness (yay!)

I couldn't resist (and I really tried. Believe me.) buying this Pote Usa loppy bunny charm by Amuse Plush. It comes in six different styles, but I fell in love with the albino one as soon as I saw it.

Pens are a sensible thing to buy, right? I mean, I'm always running out of pens. It's only a coincidence that these Mameshiba (a dog that's also a bean? How great is that?!) pens happen to be utterly, adorable as well. As pens go, I mean. The styles I got were: kidney bean, coffee bean and green bean.

I also got a bunch of ridiculous sweets for us to try out. These Koala March biscuits by Lotte really did taste like cheesecake in the centre.

I've never tried pocky before so I thought I'd order some in our "New Favourite Flavour" (TM). They were delicious.
Since Japanese Kit Kat flavours are way more interesting than what we can get in the UK, I had to order some of those as well. I've never tried red bean paste, but it's definitely on my list now after trying these Hokkaido Red Bean Kit Kats. The flavour was really interesting.

After seeing my husband's reaction to the after-kick, I chickened out a bit with the Hot Shinsya Chilli Kit Kats and only ate a tiny nibble. Not for the faint-hearted!

These Tamaruya Wasabi Kit Kats were more my cup of tea than the chilli ones. They had a very subtle, but totally recognisable wasabi taste that hits the sinuses.

Last, but not least, is this Puccho Melon mini bento tote bag which I think will be a very handy thing to have.

In conclusion, the quality of the products from Tofu Cute was even better than I'd expected. And that, combined with the cheap prices and quick shipping means I'll definitely be ordering from them again!


  1. Oh jeez, sign me up for those Kit Kats, I love spicy! And I would not have been able to resist that bunny either. Looks just like my first hamster.

    1. Aww, it kind of reminds me of my old hamsters too (I had little Russian ones). Also, not that I'm a total connoisseur of tiny-soft-toys-to-hang-from-things or anything, but that bunny is way heavier and squishier than I thought it would be. I thought it would be dead light and cheap-feeling, but it's really plush! :P