Recent Instagram Pics

♥ I tried experimenting with silver eyeliner, using it as a second 'flick'. I think white would maybe work better ... Also a weirdo came and tried to kiss me while I was taking photos.

♥ My attempt at beetroot pizza with feta and cavelo nero cabbage. It tasted incredible! Even if it was a bit like having jam on a pizza.

♥ Cleaning my marimo. I freshen his water once a week and give him a gentle squeeze evenly all over to get rid of any dirt particles. 

♥ And here's a recent (and very colourful) drawing of mine that I uploaded to instagram. You can see a proper picture of it here.

♥ Doing some research drawing for a new piece (an underwater one) with an amaretto coffee. Yum.

♥ Another make-up experiment: green on the top lid with pink glitter underneath. I don't think it really worked, but it was fun to do! Also I'm loving this lipstick which is Nyx's matte lipstick in the colour 'butter'. It's not really a genuine 'matte' effect, but it is a lovely greyish taupe colour.

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