Stripey Grey & Black Dress

Folk have been saying to me lately that I don't wear enough colour (I have bright pink hair! How much colour do you want?) so I decided to show them by wearing this very colourful black and grey jersey dress from h&m... Well... it's more colourful than a plain black dress anyway. Ok! I'm being a tease!

I've also started wearing slightly softer eye make-up lately  Not a huge difference, but my eyes look a bit softer and it suits my specs a little better. (Also, I swear my eyes weren't as bloodshot at the time as this photo makes them look. What's goin' on there?!)

Oh yeah, and the best thing about the dress is that it was 5 quid in the sale. Sco-oore!


  1. Lovely! Black and grey stripes are my staple colour in my wardrobe.

  2. I really like you on pink hair, dear, I think I already said it gives lots of life and vitality to your beautifull face, so, as you mentioned, why more colour? Hahahah... Nevertheless, I do like how that patterned dress looks on you :)

  3. You can do absolutely killer wings with your eyeliner, I really like that :) Also, your haircolour is so pretty!:D

    1. Aw, thank you. I guess I've had years of practise with these eyes x