First Wedding Anniversary

Last Saturday was our first wedding anniversary! I can't believe it's been a year. It feels like hardly any time has passed at all since I got married to the man of my dreams in a castle up in the hills. 

Although Tim's taking me to Edinburgh soon for a week to celebrate, it was good to be able to spend the day together on the actual day of our anniversary.

I made him a silly little card just so I had something to hand over. I'm still totally stoked that our initials are T & A, by the way.

And my mother-in-law made us this massive anniversary cake. Can you believe it? It's like three-tiered and everything.

We walked into town and picked up a takeaway coffee from a lovely cafe on the way (that we're yet to actually sit in instead of just getting takeaways from) and I drooled over the beautiful baking that we weren't going to buy any of considering we'd just been given a massive anniversary cake and were a bit caked-out.

I liked the colours of the ice-creams too.

More baking looking pretty behind the counter.

Once we got into town, we had a browse round an interesting craft market and then found a new cafe that I'll definitely be back to some time soon (especially since our usual favourite cafe has started getting food that's twice as expensive and stopped doing skimmed milk - what the heck?!)

Oh, and this was my little anniversary present to Tim since he's been so amazing to take me on another week's holiday: some luxury chocolate spreads from Hotel Chocolat. I probably should have listened to the girl when she warned that the hazelnut and chilli chocolate one is a bit more chilli than chocolate (it blows your head off a bit), but the salted caramel and pecan chocolate spread is amaaaaazing. Managing not to eat it all and leave some for Tim (whose present it was) is the hardest thing ever.


  1. congratulation on your wedding day! <3 That cake you mother in law made looks definitely like a wedding cake (without the topper) :)
    I had to jump back and look at the amazing couple getting wed. You look beautiful and I think Tim is gorgeous in the kilt

    1. Aw, thanks so much, miss! :> Yeah, he does look gorgeous in it, doesn't he? x

  2. That cake! It is stunning. I began to drool a bit while scrolling through the baked goodies. And chocolate caramel anything will be the death of me. Happy Anniversary to you two. :-)